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  1. Anónimo Dice:

    Reading his comments I have not seen one say “What’s your favorite rifle” Just used a straw man argument so you can say he did.

    And the Mosin, kar98k, mas 49, mas 36, P-17 m1903. All of those don’t really differ, they’re all smooth. It’s only important if you’re on front lines, and even then they can deliver speed and accuracy.

    I do at the range, and there is still casmo in my mosin. You’re the one hear cussing like an angered COD 10 year because he is wrong.

  2. Anónimo Dice:

    Wow… You clearly know NOTHING about firearms. Inherent accuracy comes down to the quality of the machining of the barrel + chamber, and a reasonably crisp trigger.

    The rest of the gun (bolt, mag release, safety) can be flimsy and poorly machined, as in Savage rifles. Take CZs for example: Overall build quality is NOT that great, but the guns achieve the same accuracy as much more expensive counterparts because CZ puts 75% of the cost of production into the barrel. You’re a fucking retard…

  3. Anónimo Dice:

    You know why Remington is not at it’s top when out of the box? The bolt has to realign itself every time the pin is released. That will effect the accuracy a lot of you decide to keep it that way.

    Once you change that stock. the bedding will improve accuracy enormously. I bet if you kept the factory, got a Manners stock, good optics, good load, nice eye level and a better trigger, you will not notice the difference in accuracy even with a quality barrel.

    Heavy barrels are just to push back.

  4. Anónimo Dice:

    Both his and your arguments boil down to a stubborn, childish refusal to admit that there ARE much better firearms out there than your own that you’ll never be able to afford.

    No intelligent or self-respecting person who has handled a variety of guns (I doubt you have) can claim that economy rifles offer better quality than their up-market counterparts.

    In European sporting guns, price reflects quality of machining and materials. It’s that simple.

    You aren’t worth my time. Enjoy your block.

  5. Anónimo Dice:

    stubborn and childish? While having comments like” You’re fucking stupid you fucking stupid ignorant fuck face shit tard” and you say I’m childish XD I never said there was not, where did I or even him say that?

    Never, he was saying that there are better rifles out there than a Blaser R8, while you cried and moaned saying it’s the best. And I just was hear to tell you are wrong.

    Yes, there are. As I said, Weatherby Vanguard. Blocking again because of an opinion. And I’m childish XD Pathetic.

  6. Anónimo Dice:

    “Accuracy comes from the barrel” No, accuracy comes from the bedding, the crown, the bolt, round, and if using optics mounts, and optics.”

    Don’t bring optics into this. Clearly you don’t know what is meant by “inherent accuracy”. i.e., the accuracy that the gun would achieve if locked into a vice with no movement between shots.

    The crown is part of the barrel.

    Of course I agree about bedding/stock contact affecting accuracy, but I was focusing on the major accuracy affecting component.

  7. Anónimo Dice:

    THIS IS EXASPERATING!! PLEASE, point out where I said Blasers were the best money could buy!

    Also, point out to me where I said anything along the lines of European rifles being without competition.

    I will reitterate. This is NOT just about place of manufacture, it’s about up-market guns (most of which are European) vs economy guns.

  8. Anónimo Dice:

    As the owner of many CZ rifles, I can tell you with absolute certainty that this is completely unfounded and untrue. The machining work on a CZ’s receiver is not quality. The bolt throw is granular and the bolt often binds.

  9. Anónimo Dice:

    The fact that you starting screaming at abe for giving an opinion. Then started cussing like a little kid when he gave an opposing opinion. And the fact you denied fact on it because it was not a Pricey German rifle.

    And the fact you never mentioned any other rifle, and no other rifle outside of Europe, just that one.

  10. Anónimo Dice:

    “Don’t bring optics to this” even though it’s a key thing for Accuracy…… Bad turret tracking and you get an inaccurate gun. Buy the highest quality gun on the market, put a barska on it. And it will be that of a red ryder BB gun in terms of accuracy. Did that with my rifle…… Was making 3- at 100. Slapped on a better and get around 1.3 Moa

    It is part of the barrel, but you don’t need a quality one to have a quality crown, that’s what I was saying.

  11. Anónimo Dice:

    He said something along the lines of “I bet you’re one of those idiots who thinks *X* was the best rifle of WW2”

    To which I responded with “No, I think *Y* rifle was better.”

  12. Anónimo Dice:

    “Never, he was saying that there are better rifles out there than a Blaser R8, while you cried and moaned saying it’s the best”

    No, he was saying that his cheap economy Savage offered “5000 times better quality and accuracy” than a Blaser. He was NOT simply saying that there are better rifles out there.

    Please, bright one, point out to me where I said that Blasers are the best.

  13. Anónimo Dice:

    Why would I mention any other rifle? This is a video about a Blaser rifle, and he said that his Savage was vastly superior in terms of accuracy and quality than a Blaser, that’s what this whole argument is about.

  14. Anónimo Dice:

    I said don’t bring optics into this because they have NOTHING to do with the base accuracy of the RIFLE as a result of quality of manufacture. As in, if the gun was locked into a vice. You really don’t cotton on quickly.

  15. Anónimo Dice:

    Please, I invite you to dig into his comments. You will clearly see the part where he says that his budget Savage is better in every way than this Blaser, which I’m sure even you will admit is absurd.

    I’m not biased toward European guns, but it’s a fact that there are more fine sporting guns being made in Europe. If he had said that his Savage was better in every aspect than a Cooper or a Kimber then my response would NOT have been any different.

  16. Anónimo Dice:

    Well, no. Generally speaking, for the barrel as a whole to be deemed of good quality it would need to have a good crown also.

  17. Anónimo Dice:

    I started cussing at you because you presumptuously dived into the argument without taking the time to properly read the absurd comments to which I was responding, and you called me an idiot several times.

  18. Anónimo Dice:

    is it so hard for youtube to increase character limit? No, optics did not increase base accuracy. But it will help you achieve it’s maximum base accuracy, it can be. BVSS is a budget bench rifle. Meant for pure accuracy. That’s what bench rifles are for (There are more than one kind of BVSS out there) Not all the same. Some are good, some are better. It’s like how there is more than one remington 700 SPS.

    And how would savage be better than Coopers? Coopers are 1/5 MOA out of the box. cont

  19. Anónimo Dice:

    If put on the right base that is, can’t free hand .2 very well. If you can, well then that’s a miracle.

  20. Anónimo Dice:

    The only reason Blaser R8 would be better as well is it more prone to having more Custom rifles and more availability (Customs are WAYYYYY Too much, looking at some 375 H&H Blaser R8 for not 10,000 not 20,000 but for a great deal of $30,000 dollars.

    Just by a Brevex if you care that much.

  21. Anónimo Dice:

    Seriously, you keep missing the point. It boils down to him saying that his budget gun is better in every conceivable way than a fine, up-market gun like (but not exclusively) this Blaser, and that the cost of the gun is irrelevant, which is absurd.

    That’s the basis of the argument. That’s it. It’s not about MY personal preference. I PERSONALLY would never entertain the idea of buying a Blaser, or a production Mauser, or a Sauer 202 (you get the point). I get along very nicely with my CZs.

  22. Anónimo Dice:

    “And how would savage be better than Coopers? Coopers are 1/5 MOA out of the box.” Why don’t you ask him? That’s what he insinuated when he said that his budget junker is vastly superior to a high-grade gun.

  23. Anónimo Dice:

    I don’t know about Savage rifles but I’d sure like one of these in my gun safe.. Preferably a nice Zeiss or a Svarowski on top of it.. I found out that GRS from Norway are sending their laminate stocks over to Blaser to have these R8´s glass bedded for those beautiful stocks.. One of those in 6.5×55 for me please for my black grouse at 250 meters.. I think I just have to sell my BMW.. 😀

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