Jabalíes en Hungría

Grandes cacerías y batidas de Jabalíes en Hungría, cazando en bosques a jabalíes de gran tamaño.

The Hunting of wild boars in Hungary. Back to the Hungarian forests to chase the wild and always slippery wild boars

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  1. Anónimo Dice:

    ไอ้พวกหัวควยไปยิงเขาทำไมวะ  ลองยิงหัวแม่พวกมึงดูซิ ว่าจะเจ็บไหม ไอ้เลว FUCK YOU MOM

  2. Anónimo Dice:

    amazing video :)

    i uploaded “snake attacks baby” and “”greatest flip fail” on my channel please watch if you have a spare couple minutes…. let me know what you think

  3. Anónimo Dice:

    Pour ceux qui n’apprécient pas ce loisir de dégénérés qui tuent pour le plaisir, faites une recherche dans Google, il y a plein de pétitions contre la chasse.
    Quand vous croisez des chasseurs, n’oubliez pas de klaxonner, les lapins vous remercieront.

  4. Anónimo Dice:

    ever since the end of Col War, the borders of Eastern Europe have opened and it’s been invaded by people eager to kill whatever is left of Europe’s wildlife – since Western Europe is DEAD on that chapter. In Western Europe – half of wildlife can only be seen now now only Zoo and in books! you killed it all!! now they want to wipe it in Eastern Europe too fucking pigs!

  5. Anónimo Dice:

    Dai la carabina a me ed attraversa la strada, coglione!
    From the gun to me and cross the road, asshole!


    Dai a me la carabina ed attraversa tu la styrada, coglione!

    From the gun to me and cross the road, asshole!

  6. Anónimo Dice:

    มึงอะควายไอ้หน้าโง่ 555. อยากทำตัวฉลาดก็ไปหัดพูดภาษากูให้ถูกหน่อย5555 มึงรู้ตัวไหมว่ามึงอะด่าแม๋ตัวเองอยู่อะ? 55โง่สัส. มึงตองเขียนว่า your ไม่ใช่ you กูไม่เห็นด้วยกะการล่าสัตว์ แต่กูไเห็นด้วยกับคนโง่ๆแบบมึงมากกว่าอีก ไปตายซะ 55555

  7. Anónimo Dice:

    Well dipshit that would be the fault of the officials that are responsible for setting regulations, or maybe Europe is just full of moronic pouchers. There are regulations set to protect the animals and in many places boars are a PEST not a game animal.

  8. Anónimo Dice:

    Sport coward, join 2,3,4 well armed w / kill a mole is in maão. I wanted to see if the animal had the same conditions if any great hunter ventured hunt and be hunted for pleasure

    Funny, each practice the sport you love, rsrsrsr

    But unlike their rolls Voces tired, weak rubber in here in Brazil we like sex and beautiful woman, KKKKK

  9. Anónimo Dice:


  10. Anónimo Dice:

    Because they destroy acres of crops that are used to feed you and everyone else. Crops which feed you So you can get up each morning and get on youtube and rant, while you are oblivious to the harsh reality that things are killed so that you can live that nice life of yours.

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